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Yoga Curriculum Update, Part 4 of ?

I find myself gravitating towards blogging about teaching yoga. It must be because I’ve never used a curriculum for yoga, I’ve always made things up as I go. So I worry less about copyright infringement.

Here’s the latest installment of my yoga curriculum rework. We’re in Unit 2, which is a focus on physical postures. We delve into the pose families taught in flow classes over 4-5 weeks (schedule interruptions abound). We also explore how these pose families cross over into yin and restorative (or often, don’t). Through the unit, the students work on a project one class period a week, which I call “yoga lab” on the weekly schedule.

What I like about this: I used to teach the pose families over the course of a semester. That was too much time. The kids got sick of back bending for two weeks. This allows me to have a very cyclical schedule - I can introduce the physical practice, we dive into it a bit more, and then we can circle back around as needed. It also leaves more time to weave in history, philosophy, and meditation.

I also LOVE the project so far. The kids seem excited to create their own practice. They are realizing that it's trickier than it seems to organize poses in a way that makes sense and feels good in the body. A totally unanticipated benefit, for sure.

What I dislike about this: it might not be enough time. TBD.

Per usual, I used ChatGPT to generate ideas for a structure and project. It's quite helpful and I highly recommend trying it if you haven't yet!

ALSO - as I am in the middle of Unit 2, it's not "done" yet, so the overview doc is incomplete.

Unit 2_ Focus on Physical Postures
Download DOCX • 298KB

Yoga Journey
Download PDF • 52KB

Yoga Pose Families and sequence Graphic Organizer
Download PDF • 9KB

Yoga pose families yin class
Download PDF • 8KB

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