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Me and ChatGPT: Using AI To Help Create Curriculum (Part 2 of ?)

For part 1, go here.

I spent hours this summer thinking about how to rework the yoga curriculum. Part 1 of this series shows how messy the process is for me. Do you know who it’s not messy for, this work of curriculum design? ChatGPT. For ChatGPT, curriculum redesign takes all of 30 seconds. If you haven’t used ChatGPT, now is the time. Go sign up and ask it to work on something that takes you hours. I’ll wait.

Here’s the prompt I gave ChatGPT: Use the Understanding by Design framework to create a 20-week-long yoga class with 5 classes a week aligned to the National Physical Education Standards.

Here’s what it spat out.

I actually went through the stages of grief, which I don’t think is a thing anymore but I felt so many things all at once. Confusion, rage, disbelief. How on earth did that just happen? Where is this information coming from? Something that takes me hours and hours took a computer program less than a minute. Again, is it perfect? Absolutely not. Does it provide enough detail to actually teach the lessons? No, it does not.

I showed my students on the first day of class. I wanted to be super transparent. I showed them the work that took me hours and then what ChatGPT did. We critiqued it together. Less journaling, they said, more movement. Noted. ChatGPT couldn’t have this conversation with my students nor can it learn, apparently, so take that ChatGPT.

So I’ve been using this ChatGPT-derived framework to start yoga this year. Here’s how I’m doing it. I took the PE Standards I thought were the most important and relevant for yoga and quite literally put them in a Google Doc. This will help me keep track of everything. Then, I separated the course into the units described by ChatGPT because why not, let’s see what you got, computer program. Here are some screenshots of how I plan.

Units (clearly I need to update the assessment column)



Once I get the lay of the land for the semester, I can break that into unit chunks, which I can then break into weekly chunks, and then into days. It's 6am, my 4-year-old is up and the baby is babbling to himself, so I'll save the rest for another day.

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